The Elephant in the Room Womb Podcast

Conversations on Cancer, Culture, Covid and Cryopreservation. The Elephant in the Room •Womb• Podcast

*Parental Guidance advised. Trigger Warning: Discussions around mental health issues and personal experiences relating to cancer and fertility.*. (Originally recorded JUNE 2020) Conversations on Cancer, Culture, Covid and Cryopreservation with your host Becki and co host Raveen and our guest, Kiren! Episode 1: Welcome to Cancer and Fertility UK’s first episode for The Elephant in the Room Womb Podcast! I discussed with Raveen (@raveenksethi on instagram) and Kiren (also known as @sikhgirlvscancer on instagram) about how we were diagnosed with cancer as young adults. Then we had to deal with the impact that certain cancer treatments can affect our fertility. Kiren (@sikhgirlvscancer on instagram) website: Breast Cancer Now article Kiren was in: Raveen’s instagram: @raveenksethi The Apne project Raveen was in: The HuffPost article: Romford Recorder: Some podcasts Raveen has featured in: Meenal's World: One Percent Podcast: Becki (the founder of Cancer and Fertility UK, this podcast and her personal blog Coping with the big C.) Can be found on instagram at: @cancer_and_fertility_uk Media coverage for Cancer and Fertility UK/ my personal story: Facebook: @CancerandFertilityUK TWITTER: @CAF_UK Email us at: Some Media I’ve featured in talking about/campaigning for Cancer and Fertility issues: ‘Cancer blogger and campaigner Becki McGuinness wins Remarkable Person prize at Live Better With’s Spotlight Awards” – Live Better With Cancer: METRO – “Survivor is campaigning for fertility specialists being involved in cancer treatment” : The SUN: The Mirror: StoryTrender: Bone Cancer Research Trust’s webinar about Fertility and Cancer: Personal instagram: @copingwiththebigc TWITTER: @LoveEire4eva My brief story around cancer and fertility: ♥ Press, PR & Media ♥ : My Fixers project: Disclaimer: THIS PODCAST IS NOT INTENDED FOR THE PURPOSE OF PROVIDING MEDICAL ADVICE. All information and content from this Podcast is for informational purposes only and is not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified Doctor or healthcare provider.

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