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‘The Unknown (Fertility)’

December 12, 2017

Chemotherapy is a wonderful but horrible thing at the same time. I owe it my life but it also nearly took my life away from me. One of the side effects you don’t often hear about it the damage it can do to your reproductive organs. Since the chemotherapy is so strong it often affects your fertility.

The last thing on my mind at the age of 20 was to have children but it came, (excuse the pun), to my attention when I was told I should go to Seacroft hospital and freeze my seamen. Producing this batch nearly bloody killed me but thats for me to know and the internet to never find out.

So, before I received any chemotherapy I had to go to Seacroft Hospital. The chemotherapy has a high chance of making you temporary infertile. Just being a little careful in what I write here as a nurse did once tell me that the patient didn’t use protection as he thought he was infertile but it turned out he thought wrong… The chemotherapy cannot just be temporary it can also have a permanent effect on your fertility.

Chemotherapy obviously works by killing the cells in your body, especially those that are dividing quickly. Since sperm cells divide quickly, they become a very easy target. Again with most things cancer related, it all comes down to chance. They say infertility is dependant on a few main categories, the patient’s age, the type of drug used and the doses of drugs given. I haven’t done any research into the drugs that I took as Google will throw out huge amounts of statistics and probabilities but do they ever really know? And if they do, do I want to know?

Anyway, why has this all come to my attention now?

I received a letter in the post about a month ago to let me know that since it has been two years since finishing my treatment, that it is time to check my fertility. In the last two years it has barely crossed my mind but in the past two weeks it is something that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about. I know whichever way the outcome swings, I will be able to deal with it, but lets keep your fingers crossed!

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