Fertility- or if your mom hadn’t had you then you wouldn’t be around! From Wonky Boobs







When I was in my early 20s I thought that by the age of 26- with or without a husband, I would have already had my first child…hmmm that never happen… but then, I never really was worried, because….hey women have children now in their late 30s early 40s…Fast forward 5 years, and at the tender age of 31, I was given the bombshell, called breast cancer! Not only that, hormones, in particular that pesky hormone estrogone were feeding my cancer…forget any family planning! Mission saving my own fucking life started!

Being so young- cue tilting head- they threw everything at me! Chemotherapy- so long ovaries, radiotherapy, and last but not least hormone therapy, for, just in case my ovaries had decided to rejuvenate after the chemotherapy was over, we would definitely make sure they would not awaken again…welcome monthly injections the size of horse needles to propel you into…

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