#TrekstockTalks – Thinking about Fertility.


” #TrekstockTalks – Thinking About Fertility. Part 1: family planning options.

Anya Sizer is currently the regional rep for the Fertility Network in London but has worked in the sector for 10 years. She has both first hand experience of IVF and adoption herself having had both her older children through IVF. She then went on to adopt her youngest.

Toby Peach a young adult we support & a performer who has first hand experience of how cancer throws up questions around fertility.”


“#TrekstockTalks – Thinking About Fertility. Part 2: Men & Fertility

Monica Figueired is a Clinical Nurse Specialist at Imperial NHS who runs a nurse led clinic for male cancer patients. In the video she tackles when men should get their fertility tested, what male fertility is and what options men have in fertility preservation.”


“#TrekstockTalks – Thinking About Fertility. Part 3 – Women & Fertility.

Dr Channa Jayasena is Clinical Senior Lecturer, Consultant Reproductive Endocrinologist clinical lead on Male Fertility at Imperial NHS.

Becki McGuinness is a young adult we support who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at 21. During her own cancer diagnosis fertility was not addressed and this has led to her to setting up a campaign called “The Vicious Cycle Campaign” that is calling for all cancer patients to be given the option to discuss fertility.

In the video they address issues around egg & embryo freezing, what fertility testing involves, how female fertility is affected by a cancer diagnosis.”


“#TrekstockTalks – Thinking About Fertility. Part 4: Myth Busting

Channa Busting myths about Fertility that Healthcare professionals may say and what young adults may think is true such as if they don’t talk about fertility in consultation it doesn’t matter to them.”



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